IP recordals

Executing IP rights recordals appropriately and effectively

We take the pain out of your IP recordals project

Put a price on your project

With our established international network of agents and our knowledge of the local requirements and procedure in each jurisdiction, we are able to give you a precise cost estimate for your IP recordals projects.

Your single point of contact

We act as a single point of contact, coordinating multiple local agents and reducing the amount of communication required on your end. 

All the right forms in one place

Because we know exactly what forms are needed in each jurisdiction, we provide you with all the necessary pre-filled forms for signature, all at once.   

Invoices under control

By checking and grouping agent invoices, we provide you with clear, identifiable, and regular invoices.   

“We are the quality resource you need to get your recordals projects done in time and within budget"

Loic Depelley
Patent Attorney & VP of Operations at ipan/Delegate

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30-50% Savings

Owing to our volume-based rates and innovative proprietary pricing structure.

Price certainy

Price certainty with fixed quotes, guaranteed for 120 days .

Full overview of requirements

Thanks to a rigorous preliminary analysis

Accurate pre-filled forms

Proof checked and supplied to you with guidelines on how to execute

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Attorney-designed IP administrative services

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