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Relieve the IP administrative burden with our additional support services

Fixed price prosecution

The resources and cost required to understand operational processes and negotiate fees with foreign agents is a major challenge in controlling the entire patent prosecution cycle cost.

Attractive fixed rates with a choice between being charged for each individual task or a flat fee for handling the entire prosecution spend

Prosecution add-ons because fixed rates does not mean paying more to compensate for more complex cases. Add-ons guarantee you pay just the right price, on every case

Full prosecution cycle predictability to accurately predict your five-year budget forecast, whatever the filing route (Direct, PCT or Paris Convention)

Flexible invoicing tailored to your own requirements, e.g. monthly or quarterly or per jurisdiction or family

Worldwide coverage with access to global jurisdictions in just a few clicks, including less familiar locations. You can transfer to our agents at competitive rates or use your own.

Onboarding workshop to map out your preferred package, from agent selection to fee structure, and assessing prosecution add-ons

Fixed price prosecution
product sheets

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Paralegal support services

Enhance value by moving administrative tasks to a flexible team of IP professionals.

Streamline prosecution steps at a local level and reduce unnecessary correspondence from agents. Reduce your staff workload to focus on higher-value work

Strictly defined communication rules, timelines, and docketing procedures guaranteeing quality and uniform data

Tailor-made IP administration and prosecution strategy in order to identify your efficiency profile

Team of IP professionals with advanced knowledge about legal rules in trademark patent prosecution/maintenance, communication with local agents, and IP management systems

Smooth and easy business take-on procedure to help improve the processes as a second step

Paralegal support services
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Optimization program

The foreign associate network is the backbone of any IP firm. We help you build, shape, and optimize your proprietary agent network.

Custom targets based on your geographical needs, the kinds of agents you seek, the agreements you want arranged, and the reciprocity deals you want achieved

Focus on driving in new reciprocal business while keeping you in the driver’s seat, each new deal must always have your personal stamp of approval

We take care of all procedures to fulfill your optimization targets, from sourcing the prospective agents to making introductions, from helping you strike new reciprocal deals to monitoring them via our state-of-the-art foreign filing platforms

Optimization progam
product sheet

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Stand-alone translations

Translating IP content under strict country-specific regulations in an appropriate filing format is a complex task. Errors in translations could prove costly, and potentially legally risky.

Quality assurance through a rigorous selection process, in-depth quality reports and systematic follow-ups with all agents

Predictable and transparent costs we help control while assuring precision, reliability, and clarity thanks to negotiated agent rates

Local experts providing high-quality translations revised by native-speaking patent attorneys, as contractually required

Single point of contact with a centralized team that coordinates all translations, no matter the jurisdiction

Terminology management is a critical part of our service, as most technical and trade terms cannot be translated literally. Our centralized system is routinely reviewed and updated

Stand-alone translations
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Attorney-designed IP administrative services

Instant, online quotes

Fixed prices. No hidden extras.

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