Testimonial: Barzano & Zanardo

What our
customers say

Last year, Barzano & Zanardo celebrated its 140th birthday. The company has always been involved in the Intellectual Property field. “This means IP at 360 degrees working for Italian and foreign clients. We work on patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, and secret know-how,” Carlo Iannone explains. “We advise clients at the preliminary stage of the case and do the filing in Italy and abroad. There’s also prosecution cases and we get involved in litigation if there’s a potential infringement of our clients’ IP rights.” 

B&Z has seven seats in Italy: Rome & Milan are the two main locations, then there are offices in Turin, Vicenza, Rimini, Biella, and Pordenone. Carlo has been with B&Z since 1983 and served as Managing Director in Rome until he moved to Milan in December 2017 to head the office there.

“What really stood out was ipan/Delegate’s willingness to listen to our needs. We really appreciated they took our advice, objections, and
remarks to heart.”

Carlo Luigi Iannone
Managing Director

Keeping the staff happy 


“One of my main goals is to keep my staff happy,” Carlo mentions. “That’s why we decided to outsource certain tasks, such as annuities, EP Validations, and PCT Foreign Filing. It just makes it easier for our staff and we can save money to be more competitive. 



“Before we found the right partner in ipan/Delegate for Foreign Filing, we had to choose an associate case by case. In some countries, we even had to ask two or three agents to obtain the best estimate. It was so difficult to time everything. 



“Then there was the problem with of the Power of Attorney forms,” Carlo recalls about one of B&Z’s largest clients that had very specific needs regarding POA forms. “But now that we work with ipan/ Delegate, obtaining an estimate is much easier. Also, once we have agreed to the POAs, we can immediately send them to the clients, so we have no more difficulties in having them signed.”

Listening to our needs


The easily understandable and reliable platform where everything is centralized is one of the most important reasons B&Z decided to work with ipan/Delegate, first for EP Validations and then for Foreign Filing. Although it was tough at first. 
“We work with ipan/Delegate for San Marino,” Carlo explains, “and the bureaucracy in San Marino is worse than any other bureaucracy in the world. So, the methods of ipan/Delegate were not applicable to San Marino. We had to explain the Italian way of working to Belgian staff, which was not so easy. There’s a difference of mentality, it was tough for both sides.” 
Like with any new partnership, there were some hurdles that needed be overcome and it was ultimately ipan/Delegate’s responsiveness and positive attitude that really convinced B&Z. 
“What really stood out was ipan/Delegate’s willingness to listen to our needs and improve the platform to realize our final goal. As I said before, my staff should be happy, so we really appreciated they took our advice, objections, and remarks to heart.”